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Air Route Traffic Control Center

Check the Network Status Prior to Logging On

Posted by: Edward SterlingOctober 19, 2019

Network has some connection issues that occur periodically. Please check the current network status at prior to logging on please.

Who's Online?

Controllers Online
Controller Position
No controllers online.
Callsign Aircraft Flight
DAL1872 A320/L KPHX - KMSP
DL2202 A320 KIWA - KCOX
ELG1337 A320 KIWA - KCOS


Top Controllers - November
Controller Time
Ryan Drozd 26:36:24
Alex Kulak 20:45:28
Daan Janssen 18:32:44
Dustin Record 14:55:14
Jeremy Daniels 09:04:54
Top Positions - November
Position Time
Albuquerque Center 70:18:22
Phoenix Approach 21:47:18
Phoenix Ground 20:47:06
Phoenix Tower 09:48:49
Albuquerque Ground 09:17:52
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