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Nine New PHX SIDs - AIRAC 1806

Posted by: Edward SterlingMay 24, 2018

Come and get it!!
Trinity and PHX vSTARS files were updated today, 5/24/18, to add the nine new AIRAC 1806 PHX SIDs: BROAK, ECLPS, FORPE, FYRBD, MRBIL, QUAKY, STRRM, & ZEPER. Nine of the old existing SIDs were revised to P50 Satillite SIDs: BNYRD, FTHLS, IZZZO, JUDTH, KATMN, LALUZ, MAYSA, SNOBL, & YOTES (in vSTARS these are noted with a "S" in front of their names). Also revised two PHX SIDs: BALDY & KEENS and deleted two PHX SIDs: WETAL & ZIDOG.
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