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Iron Mic for Week 1

Posted by: Robert ReifsnyderMarch 4, 2018

Vatsim has finally updated the Iron Mic award and...

Phoenix Tower gets the number one spot for week 1!!
Congrats to all of the controllers who helped! I hope we can see more of these number one spots throughout the year!

Thanks guys!

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Callsign Aircraft Flight
AAL2593 A321/L KJFK - KPHX
CLX1844 H/B744 KJFK - KROW


Top Controllers - January
Controller Time
Jeremy Daniels 38:38:44
Ryan Drozd 25:38:03
Chris Knepper 23:21:30
Joshua Welte 14:10:38
Justin Lawrence 13:47:44
Top Positions - January
Position Time
Albuquerque Center 66:15:19
Phoenix Tower 47:12:55
Phoenix Approach 18:22:53
Phoenix Ground 15:58:30
Prescott 13:54:54
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