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Phoenix Open Success!

Posted by: Robert ReifsnyderJanuary 28, 2018

Thank you everybody who controlled during this event! The Open is usually one of our busiest and everyone handled the traffic very well from what I saw. A huge shoutout to Steve and Lucio from ZDC for helping us out. Your work on approach was excellent and Zach and I on Final approach are both are grateful for the smoothness. Center did a great job handling everything so props to Juan and Josh for your work. And for the Local controllers, whom for many was their first ZAB event experience, excellent job and welcome to the ZAB event club. Thanks again everyone!


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Top Controllers - April
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Nick Vatis 34:41:10
Dustin Record 23:09:30
Jeffry Babb 18:18:35
Guy Gault 13:51:43
Jeffrey Pang 11:59:54
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Phoenix Tower 45:02:29
Albuquerque Center 37:12:07
Phoenix Approach 23:21:33
Albuquerque Ground 13:51:43
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