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Controllers still needed for the Phoenix Open event!

Posted by: Robert ReifsnyderDecember 24, 2017

Hey folks,

We still need TRACON and TOWER controllers for the Phoenix Open event this month. Please use the sign-up's in the forums at
Any and all help will be appreciated as this is going to be a busy event!


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No controllers online.
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AMX3695 B738 KABQ - KDEN
UPS7154 H/B763/L KABQ - KONT
GTI3120 H/B748 KPHX - KLAX


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Jeremy Daniels 35:46:23
Liam Markham 19:15:51
Tony Nehme 14:07:06
Daan Janssen 13:56:06
Ryan Kolling 12:34:22
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Albuquerque Center 43:18:34
Albuquerque Approach 35:46:23
Albuquerque Ground 18:35:32
Albuquerque Tower 16:56:55
Phoenix Ground 16:37:41
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