Albuquerque ARTCC

Air Route Traffic Control Center

Check out our awesome new website! Thank you AUSTIN ROBISON!

Posted by: Zachary BeardMay 25, 2017

Give him a huge pat on the back! Just be careful, he bites...

Who's Online?

Controllers Online
Controller Position
No controllers online.
Callsign Aircraft Flight
SKX1380 B738/Z KATL - KPHX
SWA1705 B737/L KLAS - KPHX


Top Controllers - December
Controller Time
Vincent DeGuzman 00:26:46
Top Positions - December
Position Time
Phoenix Ground 00:26:46
Albuquerque Center 00:00:00
Albuquerque Approach 00:00:00
Albuquerque Tower 00:00:00
Albuquerque Ground 00:00:00