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A Loss of Controlling Sessions

Posted by: Austin RobisonMay 11, 2017


Since the launch of the new website until just about 5 minutes ago, controlling sessions have been lost. This was due to a glitch in the MySQL database that made it to where when any specific session was updated, the start time field was updated to the current time instead of remaining as the start time of the session. Apologies for this, and thank you to David Rutledge for noticing this and reporting it to me!

Who's Online?

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No controllers online.
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Callsign Aircraft Flight
FAB2526 E145/M KDMA - KSKA
N6100 B736 KPHX - KSTL
SWA3107 B738/L KSEA - KPHX


Top Controllers - July
Controller Time
Juan La Terza 64:36:50
Christopher Knepper 32:18:28
Joshua Welte 20:27:17
Jeremy Werderman 13:43:01
John Manley 11:29:46
Top Positions - July
Position Time
Albuquerque Center 71:01:43
Phoenix Approach 63:27:53
Phoenix Ground 33:19:23
Phoenix Tower 29:37:13
Phoenix Delivery 03:09:14
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