Albuquerque ARTCC

Air Route Traffic Control Center

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Posted by: Austin RobisonNovember 8, 2015

If you have forgotten your password, never fear! The "forgot password" function is now live and functional! As always, if you find something wrong with this system, please let me know so I can repair it. Thanks!

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Controllers Online
Controller Position
No controllers online.
Callsign Aircraft Flight
ASA1649 A320/L KPHX - KSEA
SWA4159 T/B738/L KOAK - KPHX


Top Controllers - May
Controller Time
Christopher Kahl 26:15:46
Jeffry Babb 19:03:02
Daan Janssen 08:24:09
Dustin Record 07:52:10
Justin Lawrence 05:58:14
Top Positions - May
Position Time
Albuquerque Center 42:44:26
Phoenix Tower 21:52:15
Albuquerque Approach 10:25:53
Phoenix Approach 09:22:16
Double Eagle Tower 03:59:44
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