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Teamspeak Back!

Posted by: Austin RobisonMarch 5, 2015

Teamspeak is back up. I moved hosts, so you will need to contact a staff member to get your tags. The <b></b> DNS entry has been updated to the new IP, but it may take up to 12 hours for that to propagate to all DNS lists. If you are still having issues connnecting by tomorrow (06 March 2015) morning, email me for the direct IP, and yell at your ISP for having crappy DNS, then switch over to Google's DNS (since that propagated to me in about 30 seconds).

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Top Controllers - July
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Alex Will 18:07:40
Jeremy Daniels 15:36:34
Jeremy Werderman 11:36:51
Dustin Record 08:59:03
Liam Markham 08:34:56
Top Positions - July
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Phoenix Tower 29:09:49
Albuquerque Center 23:07:45
Phoenix Approach 17:17:13
Phoenix Ground 06:45:55
Albuquerque Ground 05:39:29
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