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Teamspeak Downtime

Posted by: Austin RobisonMarch 3, 2015

The Teamspeak host has informed me that they were the victim of a DDoS attack earlier today on the cluster of boxes that hosts our Teamspeak. Our particular box was not the target, but is affected by the attacks. They are working on tracing the attack, and until they can, will have all services offline. They estimate to be back online by Thursday, 05 March 2015. I will keep everyone updated as I know more.

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Top Controllers - January
Controller Time
Dustin Record 29:50:53
Justin Lawrence 13:19:42
Daan Janssen 13:07:57
Scott Greene 11:30:33
Ryan Drozd 10:02:03
Top Positions - January
Position Time
Albuquerque Center 62:41:23
Phoenix Approach 23:58:44
Phoenix Tower 15:44:12
Albuquerque Approach 11:16:53
Phoenix Ground 07:34:03
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